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Marli Campers

Custom Australian made tear drop Campers. Off road capability. 

green camper_edited.png

Welcome to Mali Campers

Our campers are custom made in Victoria

Stylish & hard core looking

Simple, light & affordable

Any vehicle with a tow bar can tow it.

The perfect camper trailer for those looking for a simple solution to go camping & enjoy the outdoors

Sleeps 2

Our campers are made to order and can be modified to meet your requirements.

Many colours to choose from.

You can order a camper to match your vehicle colour or in the colour of your favourite AFL team.

If you have a list of requirements not listed on our inclusions, contact us today for a quote

Front Marli One
Marli X

Easy to store away, Easy to Tow
Rugged, off road capability

Stylish exterior, Cozy interior

Custom made to suite your style of camping

Marli One - no Galley
Marli X - Coming soon with Galley


Contact us today to discuss your needs
03 98753 4952


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